To be eligible for a Connecticut Lions Eye Research Grant you must be a Connecticut entity. 



The mandate and challenge to the Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the

Foundation) is to achieve significant humanitarian results, with the funds available, to promote and support

basic research into the causes and treatment of human blindness in all of its forms.


Humanitarian Services Grants may be issued for permanent communal programs or institutes which satisfy

humanitarian needs in harmony with the objectives of the Foundation.


1. Grants shall be authorized for projects meeting diverse human needs not adequately addressed by other

programs, having a distinct Lions identification and character, and providing long-term benefits.

Projects serving many people shall be preferred because of more favorable cost effectiveness, economics

of scale and lower costs per amount of service.

2. Projects shall be preferred which have high implicit promotional value.

3. Where grants are approved for any project, no further grants will be permitted to cover continuing

operating expenses.

4. Each grant application shall be judged solely on its own merit and the degree to which it meets the grant

criteria and the operating policies of the Foundation as established by the Board of Directors and/or



1. The need for Foundation assistance must be documented by the submission, on a Foundation Grant

Application form, of specific project plans and benefits, a project budget and all other pertinent factors

which may be requested by the Board of Director and/or Trustees.

2. Foundation grant funds are intended for projects in the developmental stages or for projects in progress.

Foundation grant funds are not intended to repay loans or to establish reserve funds.

3. Lions and/or their families should not receive direct or professional benefit or have proprietary interest

in projects receiving Foundation assistance.

4. Grant applications must be received by the Foundation Grants Committee, in completed form, by May


5. All grant applications will receive a report as to the committee's action with reasons for their decision.

6. The maximum limit of a grant shall be equivalent to 50% of the available funds, the exception being

when only one request is received.

7. Grant recipients are responsible for submission of a thorough report upon completion of their project.

An appropriate form will be provided to the designated administrator at the time a grant is made. The

report form will request details concerning the results of the project, and in particular, information

concerning the exact use of funds made available through the Foundation. Where feasible, the report

should include photographs, newspaper clippings and other documentation of work completed. An

applicant failing to submit such a report will not be eligible to receive any additional grants.